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About Pharmnutri

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Consultation

We are pharmaceutical scientists holding PhD in pharmaceutical sciences with expertise in various aspects of Pharmaceutics. We offer consultation in areas such as: Drug formulations (all types), Nanotechnology, Quality control which including ( Microbiological, Chemical and physical And many more), We also offer consultation in Regulatory affairs: we are great experts in orienting customers on how to operate according to the FDA regulations and requirements

Vitamins Consultation

We offer consultation on the importance of vitamins and how to correctly use the available vitamins and minerals to achieve proper fitness and good health. We also teach customers the various types and sources of vitamins that exist. We have authored a book entitled: health benefits of vitamins that emphasizes the health benefits that can be obtained from vitamins.

Food Supplement Consultations

Having worked for more than 10 years selling and guiding customers about the correct use of food supplements, we are offering the best consultation and orientation on the correct ways to use food supplements in order to obtain the best results.

The main purposes for supplements use currently include: to lose weight, to obtain muscles, to get healthy/prevent sickness, to gain resistance and energy, and many more

Toxicology Consultation

We have highly qualified personnel with proper training at PhD levels in pharmacology and toxicology. We offer toxicological consultation in various areas which include: Pharmaceutical Industries, Hospital and clinics, Agricultural Industries, Forensics, Food industries And many more

Trainings and  Classes

We are highly qualified personnel holding PhD degrees in pharmacology and toxicology. We offer private individual and group classes of Pharmaceutics,Pharmacology, toxicology and Microbiology to people pursuing courses such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine and Nutrition.

We offer classes of:

  • pharmacology for Pharmacy

  • Pharmacology for Medicine

  • Pharmacology for Nursing

  • Pharmacology for Nutrition and other health sciences courses.  

Our professors have taught at various institutions such as: California University of Science and Medicine, California, University of Missouri Kansas City, Missouri, Southern Nazarene University, Oklahoma-USA

Vitamins Book

We have a newly published best seller book entitled "Health Benefits of Vitamins" by Dr. Alex Oselu Owiti


Our services englobe mainly: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Consultation, Vitamins consultation, Food Supplement Consultations, Toxicology Consultation, Pharmacology Consultation and also private classes in relevant courses.

  • Dr. Alex Owiti

Cleveland, OH, USA

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