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Vitamin D belongs to the fat soluble category. It is stored in the liver and fatty tissues of our bodies which means that increased percentage of body fat can absorb vitamin D. It has different characteristics from other vitamins because our body makes enough of it on its own without depending on food items. While the basically stored in our body, vitamin D is mobilized by the sunlight. The main sources of Vitamin D include: fishes such as halibut, mackerel, carp fish, eel, salmon, white fish, rainbow trout, swordfish, sardines, tuna, and oil from the liver of cod. Apart from fishes, these also include maitake and portobello mushrooms, both of which are exposed directly to UV light, eggs, and raw milk.

being one of the antioxidants, vitamin D can prevent the free radicals thereby limiting the development of cancer. Vitamin D is also responsible for strengthening our immune system thereby preventing infections like Covid-19.

  • Dr. Alex Owiti

Cleveland, OH, USA

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